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Alabama Maternity Insurance

If you are looking for Alabama maternity insurance coverage and you not already pregnant, we can help you cover a portion of the maternity expenses.

NEW - We can cover you even if you are already pregnant (as long as you have had 12 continuous months of health insurance coverage).

First, you need to understand that there is no such thing as "maternity insurance". We use the title on this page to help you find us. Even if you called every insurance company in the state, nobody would have a product called Alabama maternity insurance.

However, there are plans available that will help you cover maternity expenses. I suggest you take a few minutes and read through this page. Then, give us a call and ask questions or request a specific quote.

Important Note: We have a few different plan options. Be advised that these options can be combined for greater coverage. I assume that if you are on this page, you plan to become pregnant. Please follow my logic:

1. If you become pregnant, you will have delivery expenses approximately 9 months later. It is not a maybe. You definitely will have these expenses.

2. These plans will pay you out more than you pay in premiums. The only exception would be if you took a few years to become pregnant.

3. Therefore, you want as many of these plans as you qualify for. When someone tells me "I don't know, I need to think about this.." I often wonder, what they are thinking about. If you pay out $350 for premiums and then collect $1,500 for hospital expenses, how much thought needs to go into this decision?

I do not mean to be offensive, but this is a "no brainer".

I will not dwell on this any longer. If you do not understand that buying plans like these a month or two before you become pregnant is the smartest thing to do, you will never understand. Here are the plans we offer.

If you are already pregnant, you can only get plan number 1 (if you have had 12 months of prior coverage).

800-272-0512 Mon - Thurs 9 AM to 8 PM and Fridays until 5 PM

All of these plans are supplements. You can use them by themselves, along with other health insurance or you can combine supplements. Some pay out money for office visits, tests and hospital stays, while others are hospital only.

All of these plans pay out fixed amounts. They do not care if it is for maternity or you are having your gall blader out. It is all the same to them.

Alabama Maternity Plan One ($399 a month)

This is the highest level plan we offer. It covers office visits, testing and hospital stays. Depending on your circumstances, you can get reimbursed up to $14,000 for a c-section with a three day hospital stay and up to $1,950 for office visits and testing.

I suggest you look at the details of this plan by using this link: Maternity Coverage

Alabama Maternity Plan Two ($30 to $256 a month)

This is by far the best deal out there for Alabama maternity coverage. It can be used alone or with Plan One or Plan Three.

There are two possible "catches" with this plan.

1. When you take the plan, you must be employed a minimum of 30 hours a week. You can be self-employed. You must remain employed for one month after the plan begins. After that, it does not matter.

2. The hospital benefit will not be payable until you have been on the plan for 10 months. This means you must wait at least one month after the plan begins before you can become pregnant. I recommend waiting at least 6 weeks.

This plan has four different options. The most cost effective is the the Gold Plan.

The Gold Plan pays out as follows (I am just listing the benefits that have to do with maternity):

Day 1 - $2,100
Day 2 - $1,400
Day 3, 4, 5 and 6- $2,400 each day

Pays an additional $2,000 a day for ICU.

It also pay up $5,000 for surgery (depending on the surgery) and $1,250 for anesthesia.

Cost: $156.71/month

Similar plan that will pay out $1,500 for a two day stay and $2,500 for a three day stay is only $30 a month.

For details you should use this dedicated link (click on it): Alabama maternity supplemental insurance

Remember, this is a general medical supplement. It will not specifically say anything about maternity (expect that you have to wait 10 months before it will pay maternity expenses)

Alabama Maternity Plan Three ($53 a month)

This is another economic plan. Actually, you can combine this plan with the $30 version of Plan Two and get $3,900 for a two day stay and end up paying about $90 a month. Add it to the Gold plan and you will end up with almost $6,000. That should cover the hospital bill and some of the pre-natal visits.

This is a hospital cash plan and has also requires you to be on the plan for 10 months before you can collect for maternity. However, there are no employment requirements. The plan pays out $2,000 for the first hospitalization plus up to $200 a day. It cost about $53 a month.

Have you Finally Caught On?

Think about what I just presented to you. For $90 a month, you can get back $3,900. So, we will make believe you take the plan and get pregnant two months later. You are on the plan for 12 months. You have paid out $1080 in premiums and collect $3,900 in benefit. For a c-section and a three day hospitalization you collect $5,300.

Call us directly at 800-272-0512

Martin Unger - President

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