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Alabama Health Insurance Plans with No Deductible

If you want an Alabama health insurance plan that will take care of your deductible in case you are hospitalized, you can put one together at very low cost.

The secret to doing this is to combine two plans into one. You will use a good, solid, high deductible PPO plan as the foundation and then add a third-party plan from an A+ rated carrier to cover the deductible.

This concept is not new.

  You buy a house and the builder wants to sell you an appliance package for $8,000 that you can get on your own for $4,000.
  You buy a car and the dealer wants to charge you $1,000 for an audio system that you can have installed elsewhere for $500.
  A health insurance company wants to charge you $200 a month more to lower your deductible when you can use a third-party plan that can do the same thing for $50.

Health insurance in Alabama as it is everywhere else is a balancing act between having someone else take care of the bills and how much premium you want to pay every month. If you want low deductibles, you pay high premiums and vice versa.

We can eliminate your deductible entirely in the event of a hospitalization and still keep your premiums low.

Here is How it Works

We have a unique approach to Alabama health insurance. We take a high deductible plan which has a relatively low cost and pair it with a secondary plan that will pay your entire deductible in the event of hospitalization.

Let me give you an example to make it clearer.

We will use a 40 year old male living in Birmingham. Remember, these are illustrations and the rates will change based on your age and where you live, family size, etc.

A good PPO plan with a $1,000 deductible is about $217 a month (United HealthCare). This plan has something called co-insurance. If you were hospitalized your total out of pocket expenses would be $3,000.

A basic plan with a $5,000 deductible is about $85 a month. This plan has no co-insurance. Your maximum out of pocket expenses would be $5,000 if you went to the hospital.

Please stay with me a moment longer.

I will add a secondary plan that will cost this individual $24 a month. This plan will pay his $5,000 deductible if he were hospitalized. He will walk out of the hospital (hopefully) and he will owe nothing to the hospital.

The total premium is $109 a month ($85 for the health insurance and $24 for the extra plan) and the deductible is taken care of.

Let me say it again. If the insured is hospitalized, they have no out of pocket expenses. He paid nearly $1,300 a year less on premiums and walked out of the hospital not owing anything at all. With the more expensive plan, not only would he have paid $1,300 a year more, he would owe the hospital $3,000.

I hope this is starting to make sense. We are using a supplement that covers deductibles instead of lowering the plan deductible. It is much, much cheaper.

We can use these plans for individuals, children or families. You can even use it in a group. Buy high deductible Alabama group health insurance and use our plan to handle the deductible. You will save a bundle.

Alabama health insurance plans can get confusing. Health insurance in general can be confusing until you get the terms down.

It only takes a few minutes to get a quote and sometimes hearing me describe it, puts it all in perspective.

Call us at 800-272-0512 Monday – Thursday between 9 AM and 8 PM and on Friday until 6 PM.

Martin Unger - President

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