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Alabama Health Insurance

We can lower your Alabama health insurance premiums. Unless you are so rich that money has no meaning, take 5 minutes for a fast on the phone quote. Call 800-272-0512

We have:

- Affordable, Low premium plans
- Supplements that will cover your deductibles
- Accident plans pays up to $10,000 for accidents or injuries (about $35 a month for an entire family)
- Maternity coverage
- Dental plans including full PPO dental
- Guaranteed issue plans with no medical questions

Child Only Health Insurance - We have Alabama health insurance plans for children that do not require a parent to be on the plan.

Maternity Coverage (NEW PLAN) To View Maternity Insurance Plans - Click Here

We will find you the best health plan for the lowest premium. Nobody can sell you health insurance for less. We are general agents for multiple Alabama health insurance plans and not tied to a single company.

We have a plan that will cover pre-existing conditions - EVEN PREGNANCY

Even if you currently have adequate Alabama health insurance, for a less than it costs to take the family to Burger King, we can strip away your entire hospital deductible.

Call us for an instant quote (it only takes a few minutes) or to just ask me a question. If you have a few minutes, read through the rest of the site.

Available 9 AM to 8 PM Monday to Thursday (until 5 PM on Friday)
Call us at 800-272-0512

Alabama Health InsuranceAlabama Health Insurance Premiums Are Too High - But we can help

I am a broker and represent a lot of different Alabama health insurance plans. I am constantly amazed at how high the rates have gone. It doesn't seem to matter where in the state you live. Rural areas are just as expensive as the cities.

Most of the people I talk to are as angry as I am about it. I can't bring the rates down, but this site will give you some tips on finding the best low cost Alabama health insurance plans. If you read through the site and follow some of the money saving tips, you should be able to bring down your premiums. You can always call me and I will help find a lower cost plan that will meet your needs.

Again, there is a lot of information on this page and the other pages we link to. But, I want you to know that you can just pick up the phone and call me. I will give you an immediate quote or just answer any questions you have about health insurance. Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 8 PM and until 5 PM on Friday. You can also reach me on Saturday from 10 AM to Noon.

Tell Me More - Click on the links below to get more information. Or, call us for an immediate quote and answers to your questions. We are here to help and will not mind answering a question even if you have no intention of purchasing insurance.

I want a quote for an Alabama health insurance plan
I am interested in a Alabama dental plans and want more information.
I just need insurance for a short period. I want an Alabama temporary health insurance quote
We have a small business and want information on Alabama group health insurance
If I get hurt and cannot work, I am screwed. I want information on low-cost Alabama disability insurance
I need maternity coverage. Tell me more about it.
I am going to travel outside the United States or I am a visitor to the United States.
I want to find out how I can get rid of my hospital deductible and not pay a fortune to do so.
I have been declined for health insurance and need a guaranteed issue health insurance plan.
Can you tell me what a Health Savings Account (HSA) is and how I can bennefit from it?

Low cost Alabama health insurance with no deductible for a hospitalization

We have found a way to take a high deductible Alabama health insurance plan, add a special secondary plan that pays the deductible and end up with a zero deductible plan at a very low cost.

Even if you keep your current health insurance plan, you can call us to take away your deductible.

I hate to put it this way, but buying low deductible Alabama health insurance plans is really not a very good idea. I can use a secondary plan that will pay your entire deductible if you were hospitalized. The plan together with a high deductible heath insurance plan can save you thousands. We are talking about walking out of the hospital and having no bill at all.

Take 5 minutes and read about new low-cost, zero deductible health insurance by clicking here.


Simple Tips on Buying Alabama Health Insurance

I have put together the Alabama Health Insurance Buyer's Guide. But, before I send you off to read it, I want to give you the single most important tip I can - Do Not Over insure.

If a $1000 deductible plan costs you $300 a month and a $2000 deductible cost $250, take the higher deductible. I am not saying that stuff never happens. But, statistically, you will probably never meet either deductible and there is no point in giving the insurance company $600 a year to save $1000. The money is better in your pocket than theirs. If you take the more expensive plan and you do not meet your deductible at any time in the next 20 months, you will have already paid them an extra $1,000. Actually, after a year on a plan with no serious problems leaves you as the winner with the cheaper plan.

Alabama health insurance is already expensive enough. Spend 5 minutes and take a look at my guide. It can potentially save you thousands. Here are some things I cover:

A simple explanation of deductible, co-pay and coinsurance (you have to know this to buy health insurance)
What is the right deductible for me? You do not want to pay for something you do not need. On the other hand, you do not want to be under-insured.
How can I use a secondary plan to cut the cost of any Alabama health insurance plan?
What about my pre-existing conditions? Are they going to be covered?
What happens if I am declined for an Alabama health plan? Do I have any alternatives?
Do these plans cover pregnancy?
What about a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
Can I get an Alabama group health insurance plan for my business? Will it save me money?
Can I buy Alabama health insurance just for my children?
What do you mean by "the network" and why is it important?

Alabama maternity insuranceAlabama Maternity Insurance

You cannot get maternity coverage with a health insurance plan. But, you can buy low-cost supplements that will cover a major portion of your maternity costs for a very low monthly premium.

We have supplemental plans that will cover maternity expenses for as low as $30 a month.

If you are already pregnant, we have a plan that will cover you!

Alabama Maternity Coverage - Click Here


Guaranteed Issue Alabama Health Insurance - No Medical Declines

If you have been declined for health insurance due to a medical issue, we can help. You can obtain guaranteed issue Alabama health insurance. These plans provide coverage for individuals who have medical problems that prevent them from obtaining a traditional Alabama health insurance plan.

These are not discount plans. This is real health insurance.

To find out more, click on the link below:

Alabama Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance


Alabama Health Savings Accounts (HSA Plans)Alabama HSA plans

Alabama Health Savings Accounts (Alabama HSA) combine a high deductible PPO plan with tax-advantaged savings account. This is a winning combination that will lower your health insurance costs.

The government is helping you pay for your medical expenses with huge tax write-offs. Plus you get to use pre-tax money for all of your medical expenses.

The consumer advocates are singing its praises. It is not the answer for everyone but it might be perfect for you. Call me and I will explain how it works or go to our Alabama HSA Plans page for more information.


Alabama Dental Insurance Plans

Alabama dental plans for every budget. You can get discount dental plans or hybrid PPO - indemnity plans.

There is absolutely no reason to pay full price at a dentist. Our discount dental plans have large regional and national networks.

If you want actual dental insurance, we do have a PPO dental plan.

Click on this Alabama dental plans web site link


prescription plansPrescription Plans

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a prescription plan. Our Rx card costs $12.50 a month and can be used at over 42,000 pharmacies nationwide.

You save 48% on about 90% of the 100 most common brand name prescriptions. You can look up your drugs online to see what you will save and then, and only then, purchase the card if it will save you more than $12.50 a month.

You can apply directly online.

1. Click on this ---> Prescription Card Link
2. On the next page it brings you to, look at the menu on the left side of the page
3. Click on the AIM RX card button


Alabama Temporary Health Insurance

If you need health insurance for a year or less, we can give you a low-cost plan where you can sign up online and be covered the next business day.

Temporary Alabama health insurance is perfect if you are between jobs or just graduated. It gives you the protection you need until you can obtain a permanent plan.

Find out more about temporary health insurance plans for Alabama with this link


10 Valuable Alabama Health Insurance Tips That Will Save You Money

1. You can shop until you are blue in the face and have every screwball in the country calling you about insurance. The fact is that the rates for a given health insurance plan are fixed. If you talk to one agent in Mobile and another in Selma, and they offer the same plan from the same company, the rates will be the same. It's not a flea market and you cannot "shop it around".

Too many of you buy an Alabama health insurance plan and really do not understand the coverage. I can't tell you how many times I ask people what their deductible or coinsurance is and they don't have any idea. There should not be any surprises when it comes to your coverage. If you are not sure about a plan you are buying, make the agent explain it. Do not be embarrassed. That is our job.

I know you used to have great insurance. You went to the doctor in a limousine, got a massage and facial and then paid two dollars for a heart transplant. I don't have any of those plans to offer. Having a low-cost, basic plan with a high deductible won't kill you. Having no health insurance at all might. Do not try and duplicate your former group health insurance plan. It is not practical to do so

Alabama health insurance plans usually do not cover you adequately outside of the United States. If you are traveling abroad, get travel insurance.

5. Alabama health insurance plans are not guaranteed issue (unless they are group plans). If you have preexisting conditions, the condition might not be covered. Make sure you discuss these concerns with your agent. If an agent ever hints that you should conceal something, get rid of the agent pronto. In the long run you will screw yourself out of coverage when you need it the most. In most states, lying on a health insurance application is a felony. If you have an insurability problem please call us (800-272-0521). We might be able to help you find coverage.

By the way, there are no laws that will force an Alabama health insurance company to cover your preexisting conditions. I don't care what your neighbor, friend or brother-in-law told you.

6. We do not sell HMO's. Most Alabama physicians do not want to be HMO doctors. Most Alabama residents (unless they came from New York), do not want HMO plans.

7. If you have a PPO plan you are entitled to the discounted PPO rate for services. So a doctor visit might still only cost $35 or $40 instead of $75, and a lab fee $15 instead of $60. Be sure to ask me about PPO discounts. It can save you a bundle. (This is one of the most important pieces of information I can offer you. If you are not sure what I am referring to - ask me about it.)

8. High deductible Alabama health insurance plans are often the best value. There is no point in spending $2000 a year more in premiums to lower your deductible $1500. Once you understand how much extra you must pay for prescription coverage, doctor co pay features and a lower deductible you will be able to figure out which plan is the best buy. I will lay it all out for you so you can make an informed decision.

9. There are three things in life you can count on - death, taxes and health insurance premium increases every year. It doesn't matter what company you use. Although, some are a lot worse than others.

If you get an increase that is too high, it is time to call me. I will either tell you to stay where you are or I will move you to a less expensive plan. That is why you use a broker and not a captive agent with only one company to offer.

10. If you went online and filled out a bunch of forms for quotes you have already made a mistake (never put in your street address). Most of the people you will contact on the Internet will not be direct agents like myself. They will be national marketing companies that will sell your name and phone number or e-mail addresses to the highest bidder for insurance leads or anything else they can. You never know where or with whom your confidential information will wind up. Fill out my request form (we ask for the most minimal of information) or call me before that happens to you. We are very security conscious and are licensed agents. The only one who will annoy you - is me.

Alabama Health Insurance - A Final Word

We do not sell life insurance or do financial planning. We are health insurance experts. Alabama health insurance is our business. We spend a lot of time comparing health plans so we can offer you the best coverage for the least amount of money.

Martin Unger - President

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