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Guaranteed Issue Alabama Health Insurance

If you have a pre-existing condition, we can cover you. These are Alabama guaranteed issue health insurance plans and not discount or limited benefit plans.

There are two plan designs:

Up to now, many of you could never obtain a "real" Alabama health insurance plan. You were forced to buy prohibitively expensive HIPAA plans or state guaranteed plans, inadequate discount plans or go without health insurance altogether.

We can offer you a viable alternative. Our plans have no medical questions so there are no declines for pre-existing medical problems or weight.

The first plan is a fully guaranteed issue limited benefit plan. These type of plans pay out according to a schedule.

For example, a plan might pay out $100 for a doctor visit or $400 for a test. They cover hospitalization and surgery as well.

A complete description and extensive information about these plans can be found at a special web site.
Go to www.guaranteed-health-insurance.com or use this link ---> Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

The second type of plan is what I would call an "almost" guaranteed issue plan. It does have a few questions but many of you who would never get a traditional major medical plan would qualify. The advantage is that it has a much higher payout and doctor co-pays. If you qualify for this plan, we feel you would be better off with it. It will provide more coverage.

Sometimes, applicants will "stack" one plan on top of the other to get enhanced coverage. It is more expensive, but frequently less expensive than COBRA or group continuation plans.

Call us for more information at 800-272-0512

Martin Unger - President

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