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Alabama Group Health Insurance

Alabama group health insurance is more expensive than individual plans. The reason being that group health insurance is guaranteed issue and nobody can be declined for medical reasons.

When at all possible, we try to write the individual employees instead of putting them into a group plan.

Let me save you some time and trouble. There is no such thing as cheap group health insurance. However, the trick to bringing down your premiums is to use a high deductible plan.

If you currently have an agent for your group plan, call them up and get two different types of quotes:

1. Get a quote for a plan with a high deductible but one that still has co-pays for office visits and prescriptions.

2. Get a quote for a Health Savings Account plan.

Then, give us a call. We can add a special plan that will cover your deductibles for a fraction of the cost of having a lower deductible plan.

We can be reached at 800-272-0512

Martin Unger - President

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Alabama group health plans  

I am going to offer you my "two cents" on the subject of Alabama Group Health Insurance

Every day we get the same calls of anger and frustration over the rate increases for Alabama group health insurance. It is never going to get any better. If you were hit with a 40% or more increase this year (which has been typical), you can bet you will get slammed again next year.

I know you would like to offer some level of health insurance coverage to your employees. If you have a medical problem you are equally concerned about keeping yourself and family properly insured. I strongly suggest you look into our new low cost group insurance plan. When we put this together with PPO access, you will be as amazed as I was that it offers an exceptional amount of coverage for the dollar. It is not for all situations. But, for those who can use this combination, they will end up with a great value.

I suggest that you give us a call. Advice and quotes are free.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read information on this site and look forward to speaking with you personally.

Martin Unger












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